Affirmations for Inner Happiness

Affirmations for Inner Happiness
Affirmation for Inner Bliss

Positive thinking affirmations have the power to silence your negative thoughts and put you in a positive frame of mind. It helps a person stand strong rather be emotionally crippled.

Affirmations are like your psychological immune system.

When something knocks you down, you can use your affirmation to pick u back up. Your thoughts orient your life actions. A pessimist will find his life more tragic than an optimist because we see what we perceive.

Positive self-talk is a good thing, & it isn’t weird!

How it works? 

Affirmation for Accepting Yourself
Affirmation for Accepting Yourself

Affirmations are meant to be repetitive. This isn’t some magic that will help you shape your life overnight. It’s a process that helps with regular practice to make lasting changes to the way you think or feel. The main thing you have to get your head around is the value affirmations have. Primarily, they are used to rid yourself of limiting beliefs.

If you take on the challenge and use affirmations regularly and with full conviction, you’ll also find that they change the way you think. 

A few things that can help you be confident & comfortable under your skin are:-

• Motivate yourself

Say positive things out loud, it could be praises or just some negativity that often hampers your thoughts/emotions. Motivating yourself on a constant basis, you will arm yourself & will be resistant to unhelpful thinking.

 Encourage positive changes in your life

Life is all about choices. Judgement & Criticism often lead to a low self-esteem, sometimes you need to choose your circle wisely. Keep away from people who are toxic to your lifestyle. 

• Boost your Self-esteem

“I’m Beautiful”, “I’m flawed & fabulous”, “I believe in myself”, these things might sound funny & insane when being said out loud, every passing day of your life, but trust me your subconscious is more adaptive than you think, it will gradually change your reality to what you believe it to be.

Affirmation for inner happiness
Affirmation for inner happiness

If you’re ever caught up in a negative self-talk, positive affirmations will help combat these subconscious patterns & replace them with more adaptive narratives.

The universe attracts the energies you emit knowingly/unknowingly which affect your surroundings, affirmations is to keep those energies in your favour! 

Affirmation for an Abundance Mindset
Affirmation for an Abundance Mindset

There are no hard and fast rules about timing or frequency when it comes to practicing self-affirmations.  There’s no clear explanation for why people who practice positive thinking enjoy the benefits but researchers feel that having a positive outlook just helps you better cope with things and focus on solutions instead of magnifying problems. They’re just better able to manage stress and setbacks than those who are more pessimistic.

Also, people who are optimistic are usually more active physically and as a result, will tend to be healthier and live longer.

They also tend to eat better, avoid alcohol, sugars and are non-smokers, all of which helps them enjoy better health. Most people who have suffered from anxiety will likely know how important it can be to cut off negative thought patterns before they begin to spiral. Affirmations can be used at any time, and even those who don’t typically feel anxious may find them useful during stressful moments.

Affirmation for Weight Management
Affirmation for Weight Management

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