We help you look deeper within, to make changes in your lifestyle that are from the root level, but deeply engraving itself into your subconscious.

Positive Shifts Healing & Cleansing Range of Handcrafted Products

Our Story

It needed a pandemic to really understand the meaning of life- it’s a lot more than just socialising, travelling or working! It’s about how much you’re at peace with your inner selves, and how well equipped you are to deal with situations that are beyond your control.

Self-development is the key to a life full of absolute happiness & abundance.

When your own energies are strong, you can make anything at all work for you.

Divinely Guided Products

Spiritual Alignment


Healing Rituals are the perfect way to bring deep healing and cleansing to the body, mind and soul. We have a specialised products that help in your personal development that are beyond just physical, mental & emotional- it also focuses on spiritual development.

Each product has been especially curated with Divine Guidance, faith, scientifically researched tools & ideologies to help you bring out the best versions of yourselves and are handcrafted & energised with healing chants & blessed with love and light.

You no longer have to read multiple books- we have compressed a series of best practises for you that have been tried & tested, to help reveal a superior version of you.

Positive Shifts Healing & Cleansing Spritz

What sets us apart?

We believe in your inner strength- the one that drives you to make substantial changes in your life for growth.

Our faith in you is what drives us to design these curated products, that will transform your life in ways unimaginable.

Our boxes and products are a smart way to invest in yourself- it is well-equipped with everything that you need to begin a new chapter in your life.

Let’s choose faith over fear, because good things take time.

We promise you, each box will be better than the previous, and will bring about a gradual transformation in you, that is trackable so that when you look back months down the line, you’ll know how far you’ve come!