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10 Ways to identify an Emotional Blackmailer

Positive Shifts- Emotional Blackmail

They forever get what they want… They nicely use you to their advantage… They skillfully hide their intentions… They target your vulnerable side… They are used to getting things their way… They are insatiable!

Such are the people who have mastered the roguish art of Emotional Blackmail.



Positive Shifts- Emotional Blackmail

Emotional Blackmail (EB) is the layman’s term for psychological manipulation where a person tries to accomplish his or her motives through pressurization in physical, moral & intellectual ways and various means of emotional demonstrations.

They hit closer home and know our vulnerabilities and the deepest, darkest secrets. It is difficult for some of us to fathom the extent of the damage or even recognize it.

Some of the popular Emotional Blackmailing techniques are:

  1. Stimulating guilt– 

    This serves as on of the commonest ways of EBing implying on exchange of information or favors done for the victim by the EBer and asking for the same in return. They use obligation or duty to manipulate victims. Phrases like “You owe me” are used by the manipulator.

  2. Flattery

    Blackmailers are vicious adulators. To get off scott free from punishments, children usually shower their parents with bear hugs and kisses. They distort your perception and please you advantageously to get their way!

  3. Gathering sympathy

    An EBer stirs up your emotions and makes you feel the pathos of their (over-exaggerated) miseries only to get your attention and compassion. They impersonate losers. It feels like the problems of the entire world have been bestowed upon them!

  4. Intimidating you and your capabilities

    They invade your personal space to make you feel uncomfortable with their unreasonable demands. Subtle in their approach, yet never losing eye contact and touch.

  5. Using anger and jealousy to their advantage

    Most reckless decisions are taken in a fit of rage or a pang of jealousy. Intentional use of hate and anger is used by Ebers to inflict damage upon your reputation or image in front of others. This is usually done in street fights.

  6. Portraying to be angelic

    Their sudden change in behavior from an impish to a saintly one may have an underlying motive behind it. Eg. Sharing that favorite perfume or gifting something that you have been longing for ages now.

  7. Tears

    Also a favorite stratagem among EBers. A stream of tears may run down their cheeks at the drop of a hat! Children use tears to get their parents to buy them those candies or their favorite toys.

  8. Stir up insecurities and competitiveness

     They accomplish it by challenging you to prove yourself to counter their observations. Ex. They challenge you in front of a member of the opposite sex or someone you are trying to impress. They pick on your insecurities and take advantage of your competitiveness.

  9. Silence

    A manipulator uses the prowess of silence to induce feelings of rejection and vacuum. Heavy sighing, monosyllabic replies and isolation are expected from the EBer. They make the victim feel that miserable with their behaviour

  10. Threaten to cause harm to them self

    Such EBers try chaining you up in a dungeon (mentally and emotionally) and control you to get their way out. They try to push the responsibility for their plights on you and threaten to do something silly or kill themselves if things do not happen according to their will.

No one can make us feel inferior without our permission- is the flavor here. God’s greatest gift beside love is a free will.

We can make decisions and learn to know what to listen and what to hear. It is important to learn to discern between what is tough love and what are emotional bombs.

To truly see through with clarity when you’re feeling clouded and overwhelmed, here are some spiritual tools that will aid you into crystal clear clarity:

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