Soul Searcher’s Logbook: Guided Mindful Journal

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A 100-Days Guided Mindful Journal to bring about deep transformations, on a psychological level.

We understand that the thought of writing everyday may seem tasking, and precisely for that reason, our journals are capsuled to have you sum up your day and feelings, as well as prompt you to discover something truly innate to you everyday, in a matter of a few minutes! 

This wholesome journal will give you the answers you’ve been looking for, also keeping you motivated with the choicest of sayings that will prompt you to be a better being everyday. Plus, includes Affirmations & Mandalas to help you tune into your inner selves.

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Especially curated to bring about fulfillment & self-discovery, our journals are well thought-out and one-of-a-kind, especially for the ones newly venturing into the magical world of journaling and manifesting. 

What sets us apart from other journals available in the market, you may ask? Ours are based on various psychological practices, that prompt self-discovery, growth & development and are in an all new, interactive format! They facilitate healing and is made with love, Prana ॐ & energy-infused with strength, empowerment & prayers for good vibes. 

A perfect gift for a loved one who’s learning to love themselves, healing from trauma or working towards the life of their dreams!






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