Heart Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp

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This powerful Heart Shaped Lamp exude a dash positivity and love. If you are looking to connect, project or bring warmth and love into your relationships, these beauties are the ones to encourage this sort of positivity & all round wellness.

Made from Natural Rose Pink Himalayan Salt, these gorgeous salt lamps radiate ions when warmed with a tea light inside.

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Benefits of using a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

  • It corrects the fire element in the house if kept in south east.
  • It clears negative energies amazingly fast and create wonderful positive energies.
  • It removes ions from the environment that are responsible for air pollution and creates an environment that attracts oxygen thus filling the indoors of the house with much needed oxygen level
  • It clear the sinus, lungs, nasal passage and thus helpful while common cold, allergic coughs and more
  • It clears electromagnetic smog that is caused by gadgets like TVs, computers & mobiles
  • It increases stamina as oxygen levels of our body increase


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