Crystal Infused Hi-Vibe Roller Bottle for Third Eye Chakra

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Signs you need this Hi-Vibe Roller Bottle to balance your Third Eye Chakra (Ajna):

  • You have very vivid dreams or nightmares
  • You are extremely empathetic
  • You are energetically aware and sensitive
  • you tend to be skeptical and over-inquisitive 
  • You have trouble trusting your intuition 
  • you doubt your life purpose
  • you struggle with seeing the bigger picture
  • you love having a plan, but don’t have one 
  • you cannot stick to your own instincts
  • You have frequent headaches, migraines or mental illness.

When we heal ourselves in the NOW, we also heal generations that came before us and generations that will come after us.

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Positive Shifts is designed to support you on your personal healing journey. This roll-on has been created to help support one through the intensity of both karmic and lineage healing, as well as trauma and blockages that may cause imbalance of the mind, body & spirit.

All essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade and of the highest quality. These roller bottles include healing crystal chips that have been sterilized prior to packaging along with its matching healing crystal roller ball top & bamboo caps.

  • 100% Organic
  • Vegan
  • CNU free
  • Cruelty-free. tested by friends & family, never animals 🙂
  • reusable 
  • Energised with healing chants

Ingredients of Oil: Cold-Pressed Natural Olive Oil (sourced from WishCare), a unique blend of Organic Essential Oils (sourced from WishCare), herbs & spice infused

Net Weight

10 ML

Healing Crystal

Lapis Lazuli


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